How much do robotic surgery by the Harley Street Group cost in Malaysia?
The following are approximate total final cost in the vast majority of cases under the following categories:

Prostate cancer RM 45,000 to RM 60,000
Bladder cancer RM 80,000 to RM 100,000
Bladder Diverticulum RM 35,000 to RM 45,000
Kidney Cancer (total kidney removal) RM 35,000 to to RM 45,000
Kideny Cancer (tumour removal, preserving the kidney) RM 45,000 to RM 60,000
Surgery for pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction RM 40,000 to 50,000

General Surgery
Surgery for obesity
Surgery for gallstone and gallbladder disease
Surgery to remove colon
Surgery for low rectal cancer
Surgery for Achalasia (swallowing disorder)

Surgery for endometriosis and adenomyosis
Surgery for excessive menstrual bleed
Surgery for uterine fibroid
Surgery for pelvic organ prolapse
Surgery for Gynaecological Cancers