Bladder diverticulum is a condition where there is a cavernous blow out from the bladder which get filled up with static urine that the bladder cannot evacuate.  In some patient, this lead to severe urinary symptoms of urinary frequency, incomplete emptying, infection and stones. In these patients, excision of these cavernous bladder extension can markedly improve their urinary symptoms. Occasionally, bladder diverticulum can also be the seat of bladder growth which is beyond reach of conventional instruments used to remove them. Excision of these diverticulum in such situatuations is the only option without losing the bladder. However, excision of diverticulum has a reputation of being a difficult operation associated with significant bleeding.  Some of these diverticula are in the most inaccessible location for conventional surgery.  The Da Vinci robot offer unique advantages in facilitating the excision of these diverticula without resorting to open surgery.