Robotic Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is a new way of performing standard operations of proven efficacy using techniques which inflict less harm physiological assault to the body to significantly reduced complications such as blood loss, infection and pain, thus resulting in significantly speedier recovery and improved functional outcome. Also referred to as “keyhole” surgery, MIS is carried out with specially designed long instruments which are inserted through small holes made into the various body cavities to and surgery is performed under vision through specially designed telescopes which afford detailed close up views. Robotic surgery is a form of keyhole surgery but the specially designed operating instruments not hand held but connected to robotic arms which are under surgeon’s full control. The robotic eye, a stereoscopic high resolution telescope gives surgeon detailed close range view of internal body parts in 3-dimensions. The surgeon sits at a control console where he gets a 3-dimensional view from the robotic eye and actuates control levels in a way similar to but a lot more sophisticated than those in console computer games. These control levers in turn move the instruments to produce the desired action of cutting, separating tissue, stitching and sealing bleeding vessels in a way more precise than what bare hands can do.

Harley Street Robotics


The Harley Street Robotics consist of a group of Harley Street Group doctors  in various surgical specialties who are trained in standard keyhole surgery and robotic surgery. Using the latest Da Vinci® operating robot system, HSG robotic surgeons can perform operations on the prostate, bladder, kidneys, uterus, ovaries and bowels to render a potentially major painful experience with protracted recovery period into a relatively small and painless procedure from which you can expect to recovery quickly without compromising effectiveness and treatment objectives. Harley Street Robotics is the largest group of experienced Da Vinci® surgeons in Malaysia and endeavour to bring to you the latest development in robotics surgical techniques for your benefits.